Twists, Turns, & Adventures

Well, it’s almost lunch time…

And I’ve spent the morning writing.

I didn’t set out to be a writer. My degree is in Computer Science. But, here I am writing a “100 little stories” for technology companies every month as part of my work through my company, Daystar New Media and I love it!! 🩵

I also didn’t set out to be a skin care consultant.

But as a digital marketer, I saw the opportunity that a dear friend gave me to build an online partnership with the brand of 2 world renowned entrepreneurs/dermatologists and I jumped on it back in 2015! At the time, I knew nothing about Skincare! I was a “quarterly” user of oil of Olay whether I needed it or not!! Lol 😂 I did need it!!

Now, I love skincare – my skin looks better than it did 8 years ago!! 🩷 I also love the business that I’ve been able to build as a brand rep. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with a second stream of income, a community of some of the strongest and finest women I know – along with a few brave men!!

And this “little side gig” business has also come with some of the best professional training in sales and leadership development on the market. I would’ve paid top dollar had I bought the coaching courses. Instead, I got a paycheck while in training!

Life takes turns and twists that we don’t expect! Doesn’t it? But what a great adventure it is!!

if you’re looking for an opportunity, an extra paycheck, a strong Community that will develop you as a leader, a sales person, or digital marketer, you might want to explore being a Skincare Consultant with me!! I know you didn’t set out to be one – does anyone? – neither did I, but here I am loving it!! 🩵

I’ve got $45 launch passes – that’s all it takes to start your business !! Well, you might also need some grit and gumption!!

I’m here to help you make it happen.

PS LAST WEEK, we made the recession proof business list. Don’t let the economy scare you. 🩵

This is my unique story. For typical results, see the IDS on the R+F website.



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