In February of 2015, I made a business decision that changed my life.

I had been self-employed since 2000 but needed to find ways to increase my income while continuing to prioritize time to invest in my family and community.

I loved my digital marketing work and my clients (and still do!), but I was limited by time in the service business model. I wanted to position myself for MORE in the coming years. I wanted to find MORE time to do what was most important to me while at the same time having the resources to fulfill my vision for life.

I began researching products to sell online and business models such as affiliate marketing. That’s when I was invited to consider an online skincare business with a top brand. It was a business-in-a-box, turn-key opportunity that didn’t require big money or loads of time to start up and start earning. I listened. I researched some more. And I jumped in.

Today, I have a life-changing business that continues to give me the freedom to prioritize my time (now it’s with my grandchildren!), fund my visions for my life, and do my part to change the world. It also comes with the bonus of helping others build businesses to fulfill their dreams!

If you are looking for an opportunity and would like to talk about what it would take to succeed, I’m here to help! Take a few minutes to tell me about yourself, and select a time for a free consult to answer your questions and learn more about what it takes to get started.