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I use this tool every single day to create graphics for digital marketing clients and myself! My favorite thing about Canva Pro is the resize image feature. It helps me quickly take a client-approved graphic and resize it for multiple platforms. Canva has matured to be more than a social media design tool. For me, it’s the quickest path to premium presentation slides. And, the developers constantly put the new features at the top of the menu encouraging you to stretch creatively and try new things. An example of that is making the default export option for social media graphics be MP4 (movie) instead of png (image.) I love that. I think you will too.

One Page CRM
I’ve tried several CRMs over the years. This one is the easiest to learn and has been the most valuable to me because of its focus on the next step. In sales, follow-up is crucial and this CRM makes it very easy to do. If you are struggling with follow-up, this tool is a lifesaver!

Last Pass
This tool allows me to quickly and securely log in to many social media and cloud based accounts with ease and confidence! If password management is a stressor for you, get this affordable, solution!

Website speed and dependability matter! I use the Next-Gen VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting with BlueHost for all of my WordPress websites. It includes 30 GB of storage and 1 unique IP address. I’ve been using this Bluehost account successfully since 2007. I’ve hosted MANY sites for myself and for customers.

Vimeo – my favorite place to store videos!
You can save 25% on annual accounts using my referral link: https://share.vimeo.com/michelle17

Award-winning financial software designed for entrepreneurs
I’ve used this for several years and love it. It’s free! If you want to use their credit card processing service (I do!) or payroll services, you will pay for those options. It’s super easy to set up and use. (It has everything an S-corp needs as well as LLC.)