The Barbie Movie with a touch of RF!

I pulled up the Barbie Movie trailer today to see what all the fuss was about! And I loved it. Watch the trailer – it looks so funny! Now, I’m planning to go.

The scene when her friends discover she has flat feet isn’t unlike how some people react when their friends decide to join RF. LOL! It’s ok! Change is hard.

Then, there’s the moment where the weird Barbie presents Regular Barbie with the 2 shoes, a high heel to return to her regular life, or a Birkenstock to experience the real world.

I sometimes feel like weird Barbie sharing the opportunity. But, I do it anyway because RF has been so good to me, for me – and my team members.

It was a hard choice for Barbie. She was used to her heels. But she did it! She chose to GO!

If you’ve followed me and wondered if you should explore this business opportunity with me, let’s have a “Barbie moment” and talk about it.

For those willing to believe in themselves, magic happens. 🙂

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