Get Biz Fit with Michelle: Do you want your business to be “in shape” on social media?

Start with the core, YOU. Show up and SHARE YOU – yourself, your experiences, your company, your brand, your expertise, and your heart which includes anything that will help and serve the people in your network. The purpose of social media is relationship building. That’s never an easy task. But, it’s worth it. Be willing to take some risks to get good at it. Strengthen your core communications by asking good questions about your content.

  • Is this helpful or valuable to my network? 
  • Is this consistent with my brand and/or company mission? 
  • Does this content draw people to my company or push them away? 
  • Will they enjoy this content? 
  • Do they need it? 

Strengthen your core communications on social media and you will be on your way to being a “fit” business! 

Get your business in shape on social media with Michelle Cullison.

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